Ali Hillis in 'Open Water 2: Adrift'

Ali Hillis (1978 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Open Water 2: Adrift (2006) [Lauren]: Presumably drowns (off-screen) after she swims off alone in search of land; her fate is unconfirmed, but it's extremely unlikely that she survived. (Thanks to Jake)

Deaths in Video GamesEdit

  • Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (2010) [Dr. Ariel Hanson]: The survival of Ali's character is dependent on the player's choice in dealing with a Zerg-related virus. In this instance, the player has to choose between defending the infected colonists from the attacking Protoss fleet led by Cree Summer or aiding Cree in eradicating the infestation. If the player chose the latter choice, Ali herself mutates into a monster in the aftermath of the mission, forcing Robert Clotworthy to kill her with gunfire.
  • Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy (2011) [Lightning]: Killed (off-screen) whilst battling the Manikin army, along with Vaan (voiced by Bobby Edner), Yuna (voiced by Hedy Burress), Laguna Loire (voiced by Armando Valdes-Kennedy), Tifa Lockhart (voiced by Rachael Leigh Cook) and Kain Highwind (voiced by Liam O'Brien), in order to allow the other Warriors of Cosmos to survive and enter the next cycle; their bodies vanish from this plane and return to their own worlds, where they are still alive. (As they had been defeated and killed by the Manikins, who are an unauthorised foreign presence to the battlefield, they are permanently erased from the battlefield and constitutes a death in the eyes of the gods.) (For the Japanese version, see Maaya Sakamoto.)


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