Anna Wilson-Jones in 'Jonathan Creek: The Coonskin Cap'

Anna Wilson-Jones (1970 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

None listed.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Jonathan Creek: The Coonskin Cap (2003) [Sergeant Heather Davey]: Suffocated by an inflatable lining that Terence Hillyer had rigged in her bulletproof vest, constricting her chest in the manner of a blood-pressure cuff. Her body is shown afterwards when Terence and the other police break down the door and find her seemingly strangled in an empty room.
  • Misfits: Episode 2.6 (2010) [Laura]: Killed in her hotel room when Jordan Metcalfe uses his power to clog her arteries with cheese she had eaten earlier. Her death is undone later when Nathan Stewart-Jarrett uses his power to turn back time and prevent Jordan from discovering his power.