Brittany Allen in Dead Before Dawn

Brittany Allen (1986 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Dead Before Dawn 3D (2012) [Lucy Winthrop]: After receiving a hickey from the zombie Rossif Sutherland, she commits suicide by running head-first into a tree; she succumbs to her injuries while talking to Tim Doiron, before reanimating as a zombie-demon. Her death is undone when Devon Bostick sacrifices himself in order to remove the curse from the town. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Extraterrestrial (2014) [April]: Shot to death by the US military (along with Freddie Stroma) after first being shot in the stomach. Her body is later seen again as the military incinerates it.
  • Jigsaw (2017) [Carly]: Burned in the neck with Hydrofloric Acid after being Accidentally Injected with the Acid Needles by Paul Braunstein, her death, Along with Paul, Laura Vandervoort and Mandela Van Peebles happened a Decade Ago to the Current Jigsaw Killing Spee.