C. Ernst Harth's ghost in 'Thirteen Ghosts'

C. Ernst Harth (1970 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Thirteen Ghosts (Thir13en Ghosts) (2001) [The Great Child (Harold Shelburne)]: Killed (off-screen) by a circus owner, several years before the story begins; he appears as a ghost throughout the movie. (The circumstances of his death are not given in the movie itself, but are revealed in the US DVD's special features.)
  • Capote (2005) [Lowell Lee Andrews]: Executed (off-screen) by hanging.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Monster Island (2004; TV movie) [Eightball]: Falls to his death when the giant mantis grabs his vehicle and pulls it over the edge of a cliff, after he tries to push the mantis off the cliff. (Thanks to Dan)
  • Once Upon a Time: Tiny (2013) [Abraham]: Killed (off-screen), presumably with a poisoned weapon, during combat.

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