Caleb Landry Jones in Byzantium

Caleb Landry Jones (1989 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Byzantium (2012) [Frank]: Although Caleb is alive by the end of the film, it's implied that he will soon be drained of his blood (off screen) and turned into a vampire by Saoirse Ronan shortly after the end of the film when they reach their island destination.
  • God's Pocket (2014) [Leon Hubbard]: Dies of head trauma after one of the construction workers hits him on the head with a brick.
  • Heaven Knows What (2014) [Ilya]: Burns to death when one of his lit candles falls on his bed while he is sleeping.

Television Deaths Edit

  • Twin Peaks: Part 15 (2017) [Steven Burnett]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head (off-screen); we only hear Steven fire his gun and see Alicia Witt's reaction to hearing the gunshot.