Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek


Chris Hemsworth's death in Star Trek

Chris Hemsworth (1983 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Thor (2011) [Thor]: Possibly temporarily killed in a battle with the Destroyer; he is brought back after his sacrifice proves him worthy of his hammer's enchantment and restores his full power and health. (It's debatable whether this is a death scene or a "brink-of-death" scene, but since it's been suggested, I'll go ahead and list it.)
  • Red Dawn (2012) [Jed Eckert]: Shot by Korean troops; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to his brother (Josh Peck).
  • Rush (2013) [James Hunt]: Dies of a heart attack (off-screen) some years after the story ends, his death is revealed in Daniel Brühl's closing narration, playing over footage over the real James Hunt.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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