Corey Feldman in Tales from the Crypt: The Assassin

Corey Feldman (1971 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Lipstick Camera (1994) [Joule Iverson]: Slashed to death when Brian Wimmer/Richard Portnow drags him over/through shattered glass as Corey is escaping through a broken window.
  • Voodoo (1995) [Andy Chadway]: Stabbed to death by a possessed staff member. (This turns out to be a nightmare and he survives in reality.)

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Tales from the Crypt: The Assassin (1994) [Todd]: Strangled when he gets his tie snagged into a treadmill (striking his head in the process), after Shelley Hack turns on the treadmill while he's trying to have sex with her (after she seduces him in an attempt to get him to spare her life).
  • Big Wolf on Campus; What's the Story, Mourning Corey (2002) [Corey Feldman]: Stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake by Danny Smith, after it's revealed that Corey is a vampire. (Played for comic effect.)

Video Game Death: Edit