Cristina Contrelli just before her death in pieces

Cristina Cotrelli just before her death in Pieces.

Cristina Contrelli's body parts minus a torso in Pieces

Cristina Cottrelli's body parts in Pieces.

Cristina Cottrelli

aka Cristina Cottrel

Deaths in MoviesEdit

  • Pieces ("Mil gritos tiene la noche") (1982) [Jenny, Pool Victim]: After being dragged from a swimming pool by the neck with a skimmer net, Cristina is decapitated and dismembered by Edmund Purdom with a chainsaw so he can collect her torso for his human jigsaw puzzle. Her torso is seen in a plastic bag being carried away by Edmund. The rest of her body is shown when Paul L. Smith finds her and when police are investigating. (Nudity alert: topless)

Deaths on TVEdit


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