Debi Mazar in Frogs for Snakes

Debi Mazar (1964 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • David and Lisa (1998) [Maggie]: Decapitated with a giant clock hand by Lukas Haas in Lukas' dream sequence. (She survives the movie in reality.) (Thanks to James)
  • Frogs for Snakes (1998) [Simone]: Shot in the back by Justin Theroux in the street, just as Debi is about to shoot Lisa Marie.

Video Game Deaths Edit

  • Grand Theft Auto III (2001) [Maria]: Possibly shot to death (off-screen) while Debi is speaking to player character; she stops talking after a gunshot is heard, but her fate is not definitely established.

Nortworthy Connections Edit

  • Wife of Gabriele Corcos