Eduard Franz just before his death in Gunsmoke-Indian Scout

Eduard Franz just before his death in Gunsmoke Indian Scout

Eduard Franz dead with James Arness(R) and Dennis Weaver(L) in Gunsmoke- Indian Scout

Eduard Franz dead in Gunsmoke: Indian Scout

Eduard Franz (1902 - 1983)

Deaths in MoviesEdit

  • Sins of Jezebel (1953) [King Ahab]: Killed in battle with Syrian troops; his body is shown afterwards when he falls out of his chariot after it arrives back at his palace. (Thanks to DeMan)
  • The Last Command (1955) [Lorenzo de Quesada]:  Killed (off-screen) during the battle of the Alamo, we last see him alive in the Alamo's chapel when the Mexicans storm in.

Deaths on TVEdit

  • Gunsmoke: In Performance of Duty (1974) [Judge John Kendall]: Dying of a terminal illness, he sets things up so that he is shot dead by the murderous David Huddleston and his sons Martin Kove and Michael MacRae, witnessed by James Arness and his deputies, knowing they will be brought to justice. (Thanks to Brian).

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