Everett Sloane in 'The Twilight Zone: The Fever'

Everett Sloane (1909 - 1965)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Lady from Shanghai (1947) [Arthur Bannister]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Rita Hayworth in a hall of mirrors; he dies shortly afterwards.
  • Home from the Hill (1959) [Albert Halstead]: Shot to death (offscreen) by George Hamilton in self-defense; George doesn't realize that Everett is his father's killer; His body is shown afterwards when George Peppard catches up and discovers him.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • The Twilight Zone: The Fever (1960) [Franklin Gibbs]: Falls to his death after he crashes through the window of his hotel room trying to get away from the living slot machine while his wife (Vivi Janiss) looks on in horror. His body is seen lying on the ground afterwards.
  • Jonny Quest: Shadow of the Condor (1964; animated) [Baron Heinrich Von Freulich]: While engaged in a dog fight with Roger T. 'Race' Bannon (Mike Road ), Everett's character is killed when the machine gun fire causes a condor to attack and damage his aeroplane causing it to crash into the side of a mountain.

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