Frank Vincent (1937 - 2017)


Frank Vincent in Goodfellas

Deaths in Film Edit

  • Goodfellas (1990) [Billy Batts]: Beaten to a pulp by Joe Pesci in a bar. Joe, Robert De Niro, and Ray Liotta then place the body in the trunk of a car (Robert and Joe finish him by stabbing and shooting him) and bury him out in the woods. (The burial is shown early in the movie, then the movie proceeds in flashback until it catches up to the opening scene.)
  • Undercurrent (1998) [Eddie Torelli]: Dies (I don't know the details but I recall reading a summary of the film online).
  • Netforce (1999) [Johnny Stompato] : Shot in the chest by Odile Corso .

Deaths in Television Edit

  • Gotti (1996 TV movie) [Frank DiBernard] Shot in the back of the head by William Forsythe.
  • Witness to the Mob (1998 TV movie) [Frankie DeCicco] Dies when his car explodes when he turns on the ignition.

Deaths in Video Games Edit