Hilary Sesta in 'Murder by Decree'

  Hilary Sesta (1931 - 2013)

Hilary Sesta dead in 'Murder by Decree'

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Murder by Decree (Sherlock Holmes and Saucy Jack) (1979) [Catherine Eddowes]: Throat slashed by an assassin.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Jack the Ripper (1973) [Catherine Eddowes]: Throat slashed by Jack the Ripper. (I haven't seen this mini-series, so I don't know whether it speculated on Jack's identity or left it a mystery.)
  • Jonathan Creek: Mother Redcap (1998) [Bag Lady]: Killed (off-screen) by Nicola Walker in the abandoned pub. Her body is shown afterwards when Marcus Gilbert and Caroline Quentin discover her, and again later on in the morgue.

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