Hildegarde Neil (1939 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

Hildegarde Neil dead in Space 1999-

Hildegarde Neil in Space 1999: Devils Planet.

  • Anthony and Cleopatra (1972) [Cleopatra]: Commits suicide by letting an asp bite her on the chest.
  • The Legacy (1978) [Barbara Kirstenburg]: Slashed to death by shards of glass when a supernatural force shatters the mirror and propels the shards at her. Her body is shown afterwards when Katharine Ross discovers her.

 Deaths in Television:Edit

  • Space 1999: Devil's Planet (1977) [Elizia]: Dies from exposure to a lethal pathogen that had wiped out her entire planet's population shortly after stepping out of a teleportation booth with the intention of killing Martin Landau before the pathogen killed her. 

Notable Connections Edit

Wife of Brian Blessed

Mother of Rosalind Blessed 

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