Jaime Winstone in Donkey Punch

Jaime Winstone (1985 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Donkey Punch (2008) [Kim]: Commits suicide by throwing herself overboard from the boat (into the boat's propellers), as Nichola Burley looks on in horror.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Dead Set (2008; Mini-series) [Kelly]: Killed (off-screen) by the zombies; the screen cuts to black as she screams. She is then shown as a zombie during the epilogue.
  • Five Daughters (2010; Mini-series) [Anneli Alderton]: Strangled (off-screen) by Chris McCalphy. Her body is shown later when a passer-by discovers her in the woods, and again when the police investigate.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Daughter of Ray Winstone

Sister of Lois Winstone (singer) and Ellie Rae Winstone

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