James Shigeta just before his death in Die Hard

James Shigeta (1929 - 2014)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Die Hard (1988) [Joseph Takagi]: Shot in the head by Alan Rickman, after James refuses to tell Alan the code to the company's vault, as Bruce Willis looks on in shock.
  • Mulan (1998; animated) [General Li]: Killed (off-screen) by the Huns. We learn of his death when Chien Po (Jerry Tondo) shows his son (BD Wong) his helmet.
  • Brother (2000) [Sugimoto]: Murdered off-screen by the Mob. His body is shown when Claude Maki goes back to the office to collect the money in the safe.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Mission: Impossible: The Lions (1989) [Ki]: Stabbed in the chest when he accidently dropped the lion statues into the water platform causing a booby trap of spears to start.

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