John Barrymore in Svengali

John Barrymore (1882 - 1942)

Survivor of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

Film DeathsEdit

  • Svengali (1931) [Svengali]: Dies of a heart attack; due to his hypnotic control over Marian Marsh, she dies along with him.
  • The Mad Genius (1931) [Vladimir Ivan Tsarakov]: Hit in the chest with an axe by Luis Alberni on the ballet stage; his body is shown again afterwards when the curtain goes up and reveals it to the audience.
  • Grand Hotel (1932) [Baron Felix von Geigern]: Beaten to death with a telephone by Wallace Beery after Wallace catches John breaking into his hotel room.
  • Dinner at Eight (1933) [Larry Renault]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by turning on gas in his hotel suite. We learn of his death afterwards when Marie Dressler informs Madge Evans. (Thanks to Mac and Jeffrey)
  • Marie Antoinette (1938) [King Louis XV]: Dies of smallpox (off-camera) at the palace his death is indicated when the lights are extinguished in his room followed by a messenger delivering the news to Robert Morley and Norma Shearer.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Ex-Mr. Dolores Costello.
  • Ex-Mr. Elaine Barrie.