Woodrue's death

John Glover in Batman & Robin

John Glover (1944 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • El Diablo (1990) [The Preacher]: Shot to death by one of Robert Beltran's henchmen.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Moving Target (1988; TV Movie) [Dobbins]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest/stomach and neck by Jack Wagner while sitting in an airport terminal (who makes it look like Jason Bateman killed him). His body is later seen when Jason returns and finds him dead.
  • Tales from the Crypt: Undertaking Palor (1991) [Undertaker Sebastian Esbrook]: Stabbed/impaled on a probe/hypodermic needle/syringe connected to a running embalming machine (which drains out his insides) after Jason Marsden shoves him onto it while John is about to shoot Scott Fults, Aron Eisenberg, and Jonathan Ke Quan.
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1991) [Billy]: Stabbed in the chest with a trophy blade by Lynn Redgrave.
  • Dead by Midnight (1997; TV Movie) [Dr. Armond Drake/Ben Hamill]: Killed by Timothy Hutton as John tries to kill Yvonne Zima.
  • Medusa's Child (1997; TV Movie) [Rogers Henry]: Commits suicide by shooting himself as the military arrive.
  • Smallville: Descent (2008) [Lionel Luthor]: Pushed out of a high window in his office by his son (Michael Rosenbaum).
  • Numbers: Trouble in Chinatown (2009) [Simon Kraft]: Killed by a hit and run driver in a parking lot.
  • Smallville: Series Finale (2011) [Lionel Luthor-Earth 2]: Shot in the chest by Cassidy Freeman his heart is then ripped out by Darkseid and then placed in Michael Rosenbaum. His corpse is then destroyed when used as a vessel against Tom Welling.