Johnny Harris in Dorian Gray

Johnny Harris (1974 -)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Dorian Gray (2009) [James Vane]: Hit by a train while Johnny is chasing and shooting at Ben Barnes; he dies shortly afterwards as Ben kneels by his side. (Thanks to ND)
  • The Last Days on Mars (2013) [Robert Irwin]: After being infected by the Martian bacteria from a contaminated Elias Koteas; He is head butted to death by Liev Schreiber using his space helmet during a struggle in zero gravity. With his body then being shot out into space as he is coming back as an infected, causing him to be burned up in Mars atmosphere.
  • Monsters: Dark Continent (2014) [Noah Frater]: Blood loss/shot by Sam Keeley as Johnny get mad.

Television Deaths Edit

  • This Is England '86 (2010) [Mick]: Bludgeoned to death with a hammer by Vicky McClure after he attempts to rape her. His body is shown again afterwards as Stephen Graham plants his own fingerprints on the hammer and body, in order to protect Vicky by taking the blame for the killing himself. (Johnny reappeared in flashbacks and visions in the 2011 mini-series This Is England '88.) (Thanks to ND)

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