Jon Bernthal in The Walking Dead: Better Angels

Jon Bernthal (1976 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Fury (2014) [Grady 'Coon-Ass' Travis]: Dies when a projectile pierces his tank and hits him.
  • Shot Caller (2017) [Frank 'Shotgun']: Stabbed to death by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
  • Wind River (2017) [Matt Rayburn]: Beaten to death by the security team (including James Jordan) during a struggle as he tries to save Kelsey Chow from being raped. His death is shown in a flashback sequence and he is first seen when Jeremy Renner discovers his badly-decomposed body in the snow.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • The Pacific: Basilone (2010) [Sgt. Manuel Rodriguez]: Shot to death by Japanese soldiers (off-screen); his body is shown when Jon Seda discovers him.
  • The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer (2012) [Shane Walsh]: Appearing as a hallucination to Andrew Lincoln, he is shot in the head by Andrew after shooting Vincent M. Ward; it is then revealed he was actually one of David Morrissey's men (played by an unknown actor) when Andrew approaches the dead man's body.
  • Daredevil (2015 series) (2016) [Frank Castle/The Punisher]:  Jon was clinically dead from a gunshot wound to the head by a crime-related shootout that claimed the life of his family before his eventual revival and entrance into the vigilante business prior to the start of the series.