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Karel Roden in Cat Run

Karel Roden (1962 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Crackerjack 2 (Hostage Train) (1997) [Hans Becker]: Killed in an explosion when Judge Reinhold throws a block of C4 (that was taped around his body) at Karel as it is about to detonate at the end of a fight.
  • 15 Minutes (2001) [Emil Slovak]: Shot repeatedly by Edward Burns.
  • Blade 2 (2002) [Karel Kounen]: Shot in the back by Kris Kristofferson through an underground gate.
  • Bulletproof Monk (2003) [Strucker]: Impaled when a statue falls on him after Seann William Scott kicks him into the path of it at the end of a fight. He returns to his actual age as he dies.
  • Hellboy (2004) [Grigori Rasputin]: Dragged into his own collapsing portal when Kevin Trainor destroys the equipment that was maintaining it. He is later brought back to life by Biddy Hodson and Ladislav Beran. At the end of the film, Karel dies one last time after being stabbed in the stomach by Ron Perlman, causing the Behemoth incubating in his body to burst free and crush him and Biddy to death.
  • Dead Fish (2005) [Dragan]: Hit by a car.
  • The Abandoned (2006) [Nikolai]: Mauled to death by possesed wild boars, his body is later seen when his twin sister (Anastasia Hille) discovers him being eaten.
  • Summer Love (Dead Man's Bounty) (2006) [The Stranger] Shot to death.
  • RocknRolla (2008) [Uri Omovich]: Possibly killed (off-screen) by Mark Strong and Mark's men; Karel's fate is not definitely established, but Mark's dialogue hints at his death.
  • Cat Run (2011) [Carver]: Neck snapped between Janet McTeer's legs at the end of a fight.

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game Deaths Edit

  • Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) [Mikhail Faustin]: Falls to his death off the roof of a building after being shot in the chest and knee by Michael Hollick.

Gallery Edit

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