Kevin Tighe in My Bloody Valentine

Kevin Tighe (1944 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Men of War (1994) [Colonel Merrick]: Explodes after been shot with a rocket launcher by Trevor Goddard.
  • Scorpion Spring (1996) [California County Sheriff Rawley Gill]: Stabbed to death with a screwdriver by Miguel Sandoval.
  • Today You Die (2006) [Max Stevens]: Killed in an explosion, along with his cohorts, when Steven Seagal detonates a bomb stuck to his helicopter.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Lost: The Brig (2007) [Anthony Cooper]: Strangled to death by Josh Holloway while Kevin is chained to the inside of the ship.
  • Salem: The Vow (2014) [Giles Corey] Crushed to death while being tortured with weights being placed on his chest.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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