Leonard Nimoy in 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.'

Leonard Nimoy (1931 - 2015)

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Mission: Impossible: The Choice (1970) [Paris/Emile Vautrain]: Playing a dual-role, his main character 'Paris' and a look-a-like Vautrain, Vautrain was shot to death (off-screen) by guards when he was trying to escape. We hear the shot in Nan Martin's room.
  • Night Gallery: She'll Be Company for You (1972) [Henry Auden]: Killed (off-screen) by a cat given to him by Lorraine Gary that could mysteriously become a leopard or a tiger in his deceased wife's bedroom. Only his lifeless bloody hand is shown hanging off the bed when Lorraine arrives at his house to talk with him.
  • A Woman Called Golda (1982 TV) [Morris Meyerson]: Dies of a heart attack, off-screen. we are informed when Ingrid Bergman gets the news.
  • Invasion America: Assault (1998) [General Konrad]: Killed in an explosion after Mikey Kelley hits Leonard's plane with a boulder, causing it to crash into a rock mass.