Lynne Griffin in 'The Amateur'

Lynne Griffin (1952 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Black Christmas (Silent Night, Evil Night; Stranger in the House) (1974) [Clare Harrison]: Suffocated with a plastic garment bag by the killer in her dorm room. Her body is shown in the killer's attic hideout several times throughout the rest of the movie.
  • The Amateur (1981) [Sarah]: Shot in the head by one of the terrorists in front of several TV news crews.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Storm of the Century (1999; TV mini-series) [Jane Kingsbury]: Frozen to death in the snowstorm; her body is shown afterwards when Tim Daly discovers her. (Thanks to Kent)
  • Farenheit 451 (2018) [Old Woman / Grapes of Wrath]: Sets herself on fire, so she can burn with her books. 

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