Margaret Field in 'The Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit'


Margaret Field dead in 'The Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit'

Margaret Field (1922 - 2011)

a.k.a Maggie Mahoney

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Raiders (Riders Of Vengeance) (1952) [Mary Morrell]: Murdered offscreen by Hugh O'Brian, method unclear but when found there is no blood or obvious wound so he probably choked or strangled her. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths:Edit

  • The Twilight Zone: The New Exhibit (1963) [Emma Senescu]: Stabbed (off-camera) by David Bond in her basement, when she tries to unplug the air conditioner in order to destroy David and the other wax figures; we only see David's face during the stabbing. Her body is seen when her husband (Martin Balsam) discovers her.

Notable Connections:Edit

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