Marisa Tomei in 'Equinox'


Marisa Tomei dead in 'Equinox'

Marisa Tomei (1964 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Equinox (1992) [Rosie Rivers]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unspecified) by Dirk Blocker in her apartment; her body is shown afterwards being carried out on a stretcher (covered with a sheet) when Matthew Modine arrives outside the building.
  • Happy Accidents (2000) [Ruby Weaver]: Hit by a taxi while crossing the street. Due to Vincent D'Onofrio's "time-drag," the scene freezes at the moment of impact, then rewinds and starts again, this time with the taxi narrowly missing her. (It may be debatable whether this counts, but since it's been suggested, I'll go ahead and list it.) (Thanks to Earl)
  • War, Inc. (2008) [Natalie Hegalhuzen]: Killed in an explosion (off-screen), along with John Cusack and Hilary Duff, when their plane is shot down by a missile; the scene ends as the missile is closing in on the plane.
  • The First Purge (2018) [The Architect - Dr. May Updale]: Shot to death by a mercenary on Patch Darragh's orders, which is shown on live video feed as Patch watches Marisa being killed.

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