Martin Donovan in 'Amateur'

Martin Donovan (1957 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Amateur (1994) [Thomas]: Shot to death (though I can't recall the details).
  • The Quiet (2005) [Paul Deer]: Strangled with piano wire by Camilla Belle while Martin is trying to rape his daughter (Elisha Cuthbert). His body is shown again afterwards when Edie Falco enters the room and discovers him (with Edie making it look like she killed Martin). (Thanks to Utonium, Paige, and ND)
  • The Sentinel (2006) [William Montrose]: Shot to death by an assassin while Martin attempts to protect David Rasche (after initially betraying David to the assassin). (Thanks to Matt)
  • Wind Chill (2007) [Highway Patrolman]: Burned to death in a car crash when his patrol car collides with Ned Bellamy's snowplow, several decades before the story begins; he appears as a ghost throughout the movie, and his death is shown in a ghostly vision/reenactment when Emily Blunt witnesses it. (Thanks to Stephen and ND)
  • Silent Hill: Revelation (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D) (2012) [Douglas Cartland]: Slashed to death (after first being stabbed in the neck and pulled up through the elevator roof) by Carrie-Anne Moss while Carrie-Anne is in her monstrous "Missionary" form. His body is shown afterwards when he is dropped onto Adelaide Clemens, and again being carried off on a stretcher. (Thanks to Tim and ND)
  • Nurse 3D (2014) [Larry Cook]: Killed in a car wreck, after Paz de la Huerta injects him with a sedative.

TV DeathsEdit

  • RFK (2002) [John F. Kennedy]: I've never seen this, but I once read it depicts or mentions the infamous assassination.
  • Weeds: Pittsburgh (2006) [DEA Agent Peter Scottson]: Killed (off-screen) by Armenian gangsters; we last see him being led into a garage to be executed. (Thanks to ND)

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

Husband of Vivian Lanko

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