Mr. Blonde's death

Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs

Michael Madsen (1958 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Natural (1984) [Bartholomew 'Bump' Bailey]: Accidentally killed when he runs into the stadium wall at high speed while trying to catch a fly ball; we see him crash through the wall, followed by a newsreel report announcing his death.
  • Kill Me Again (1989) [Vince Miller]: Killed in an explosion along with Joanne Whalley when he drives into a propane tank while fleeing the police. (Thanks to Eric and Scott)
  • The Getaway (1994) [Rudy Travis]: Shot in the stomach with a shotgun by Alec Baldwin in an elevator as they both struggle over the firearm, with Alec then shooting out the cables causing the elevator to crash. (Thanks to Gary)
  • The Last Days of Frankie the Fly (1996) [Sal]: Shot repeatedly by Dennis Hopper. (Thanks to Gary)
  • Rough Draft (Diary of a Serial Killer) (1998) [Haynes]: Slashed and stabbed to death (off-screen) by Arnold Vosloo. His body is later seen when police discover him slumped in his car.
  • Supreme Sanction (1999) [Dalton]: Shot in the head with a sniper rifle by Kristy Swanson; we only see him look round in the sniper scope, with the scene ending as Swanson fires.
  • L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve (2001) [Lt. Alexander]: Shot to death by Steve Bacic after Michael shoots Marc Singer.
  • Frankenstein (2004) [Detective Harker]: Impaled onto some iron poles - having been thrown through a glass window leaving shards stuck in his body - after Vincent Perez throws him off a high storey platform. His body is later seen when Parker Posey and Adam Goldberg go to inspect him.
  • Crash N Burn (2007) [Vincent Scaillo]: Shot repeatedly by a gang banger as Michael tries to shoot Erik Palladino.
  • The Bleeding (2009) [Father Roy]: Killed by Vinnie Jones or one of his cohorts.
  • Magi (2016) [Lawrence Irlam]: Shot himself in the head when he was possessed by demonic spirits.
  • Devil's Domain (2016) [Bill]: Hacked to death with an Axe by one of the devils minions after Zack Kozlow shoots him in the shoulder.

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) [Rafferty]: Shot in the chest by Gary Oldman when Michael leaps in front of a shot that was intended for Russell Wong in one ending of the game. (Michael survives in the game's other endings.)
  • Reservoir Dogs (2006) [Mr. Blonde]: Shot to death by Scott Menville in a warehouse. (See also Michael's death in the film version.)
  • Dishonored (2012) [Daud]: Throat slit and flung over the edge of a building, should the player take the option of killing him; Michael survives the game if the player chooses to spare his life.

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