Rekha Sharma (19?? -)


Rekha Sharma in 'Aliens vs. Predator'

Film Deaths:Edit

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak Part 2 (2009) [Tory Foster]: Neck snapped by Aaron Douglas after he discovers that she had killed Nicki Clyne. (Due to the destruction of the Cylon Resurrection Hub, she is not brought back to life in another body.) (Thanks to Stephen)
  • V: Laid Bare (2011) [Agent Sarita Malek]: Skinned by the Resistance to reveal vital information as well as to show the aliens' true nature, she dies after Charles Mesure administers a sedative to help her pass peacefully.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Bad Blood (2013) [Ulima] Dies of an unspecified illness with Anthony Keyvan at her bedside.
  • Star Trek: Discovery: The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry (2017) [Commander Landry]: Killed by the "Ripper" monster when she releases it from its holding area as Sonequa Martin-Green watces helplessly.

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