Ludwig's death

Ricardo Montalban's death in The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Ricardo Montalban (1920 - 2009)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Battleground (1949) [Private Johnny Roderigues]: Shot in combat with German soldiers; his squadmates carry him to shelter, and he dies (off-screen) shortly before they can return for him.
  • Across the Wide Missouri (1951) [Ironshirt]: Shot in the chest by Clark Gable during a battle with the trappers.
  • The Money Trap (1965) [Pete Delanos]: Shot in the back by Tom Reese while Ricardo and Glenn Ford are robbing Joseph Cotten's office; he dies shortly after Glenn brings in Joseph to treat his wounds.
  • Madame X (1966) [Phil Benton]: Accidentally killed in a fall down a staircase.
  • Blue (1968) [Ortega]: Shot to death in a battle with the settlers.

TV DeathsEdit

  • The High Chaparral: Tiger By The Tail (1968) [El Tigre]: Accidentally shot dead by his brother Daniel Ades who comes through a window at the ranch and shoots blindly during the attack by the Comancheros when they try to free him (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Mark of Zorro (1974 TV) [Captain Esteban]: Stabbed in the chest by Frank Langella at the end of a swordfight. 
  • American Dad!: Moon Over Isla Island (2009) [General Juanito Pequeno]: Chokes to death on a corn dog after tripping and falling down an escalator.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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