Richard Hale (with Alexander Knox) in None Shall Escape

Richard Hale (1892 - 1981)

Film DeathsEdit

  • None Shall Escape (1944) [Rabbi David Levin]: Shot in the chest by Alexander Knox as Richard urges the townspeople to resist the Nazis.
  • Tower of London (1962) [Tyrus]: Stabbed in the back when a dying executioner threw a burning poker at him. He dies shortly after talking to Vincent Price; he appears later on as a hallucination to Vincent.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Perry Mason: The Case of the Sleepy Slayer (1964) [Abner Gordon]: Injected (off-screen) with an overdose of drugs by his niece (Phyllis Hill) in his bedroom; Phyllis later shoots him, to make it look like she just killed him. His body is shown afterwards when Joan Tompkins discovers him after Phyllis shot him.

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