Richard Haydn in And Then There Were None


Richard Hadyn dead (foreground, feet) in And Then There Were None

Richard Haydn (1905 - 1985) 

Film DeathsEdit

  • Who Killed Who? (1943, animated) [The Victim]: Providing the voice of a cartoon dog, he is shot in the chest by a mysterious figure (who is eventually unmasked to reveal the live-action Robert Emmett O'Connor). His body is immediately covered up by a spontaneously-appearing sheet, and is shown again afterwards as the detective (voiced by Billy Bletcher) investigates; he briefly comes back to life to mug for the camera when the crime scene is photographed. (All played for comic effect, obviously.)  (According the present Wikipedia article on this cartoon, the dog was voiced by Kent Rogers doing an impression of Haydn and not by Haydn himself.  No source is given for this.)

TV DeathsEdit

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