Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner.

Rutger Hauer (1944 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Chanel Solitaire (1981) [Étienne Balsan]: Died (off-screen) of unspecified circumstances.
  • Blade Runner (1982) [Roy Batty]: "Dies" when he reaches the end of his artificial lifespan while sitting on a ledge with Harrison Ford. ( See Famous Last Words) (Thanks to DeMan)
  • Surviving the Game (1994) [Thomas Burns]: Killed when gun explodes when he fires it after Ice-T had blocked its barrel with cigarettes. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Redline (Armageddon; Deathline) (1997) [John Anderson Wade]: Shot in the head by Mark Dacascos in a field; he is brought back to life as a part of a secret experiment. (Thanks to DeMan)
  • Tactical Assault (1999) [Capt. John 'Doc' Holiday]: Drowned when his plane crashes into a river/ocean after being shot down by Robert Patrick at the end of a dog fight.
  • Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001) [Copilot MacIntosh]: Commits suicide by shooting himself under the chin.
  • Flying Virus (Killer Buzz) (2001) [Ezekial]: Eaten by an alligator.
  • Sin City (2005) [Cardinal Roark]: Killed (exact method unclear) by Mickey Rourke in Rutger's bedroom; we only see a close-up of Mickey's face with blood splattering on it. (It appears that Mickey is either crushing Rutger's head or tearing it off with his bare hands.) (Thanks to Gary and Robert)
  • Mentor (2006) [Sanford Pollard]: Died (off-screen) of a cancer, his body is represented in the photos of his funeral.
  • The Rite (2011) [Istvan Kovak]: Killed (off-screen) by supernatural forces, we only learn of his death when his son (Colin O'Donoghue) is informed after getting a call from his father from beyond the grave.
  • The Heineken Kidnapping (2011) [Freddy Heineken]: Dies (off-screen) of a pneumonia.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Blind Side (1993 TV Movie) [Jake Shell]: Electrocuted when Rebecca De Mornay throw an lamp after he falls into a hot tub at the end of a fight with Ron Silver. (Thanks to DeMan)
  • Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight (1994 TV movie) [Fred Noonan]: As Amelia Earhart's navigator he disappeared with her on her attempt to fly around the world. (I haven't seen this version but Noonan's fate is clear)
  • Fatherland (1994; TV movie) [SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Xavier March]: Killed by SS/Gestapo assassins.
  • The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon (1997 TV movie) [John Thornton]: Shot repeatedly in the back and chest with arrows by Yeehat warriors. His body is later seen as the dog Buck stands over him.
  • Lexx: Eating Pattern (1997) [Bog]: Killed when an alien worm that was controlling him detaches from his brain along with all the other villagers.
  • Galavant (2015) [Kingsley]: Stabbed in the back by Mallory Jansen while Rutger is about to executed Vinnie Jones. (One of several over-the-top moments in this comedy series.)