Veronica Cartwright in Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

Veronica Cartwright (1949 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Inserts (1974) [Harlene]: Dies of a heroin overdose (off-screen); her body is shown afterwards, wrapped in a sheet, when Bob Hoskins and Stephen Davies carry her out. (We only see her arm sticking out of the sheet.)
  • Alien (1979) [Lt. Lambert]: Killed (off-screen) by the alien; we only her her screams over the intercom after it corners her. Her dangling legs are shown afterwards when Sigourney Weaver discovers her.
  • The Lottery (1996) [Maggie Dunbar]: Stoned to death by the townspeople after she is chosen in the "lottery". (Thanks to Utonium)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (The Mad Messiah) (1980 TV) [Marceline 'Marcy' Jones]: Commits suicide by drinking poison during the cult's mass suicide. (Thanks to Robert)
  • The X-Files: One Son (1999) [Cassandra Spender]: Incinerated (offscreen) by the Faceless Aliens. 


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